About Us

We make leather garments. That's what we've done for over 20 years and that's what we're good at. Leather is a very demanding material; it requires great skill to get the best from it and a deep understanding of its possibilities and limitations. Our customers appreciate our expertise and the extra time and effort that we put into our leather garments compared to other brands that do a bit of everything.

Muubaa redefines what is possible with leather, challenging the notion that leather can only look good as a biker jacket (though we love a great biker jacket). Whether worn as a statement or layered into an overall style, our pieces bring a refined edge and texture to any look.


Our design philosophy is about creating current yet timeless pieces that every woman can make her own, every day. We take what we know to be possible with leather, and push it, often surprising with new ways to use and wear it. Each piece tells a story of contrast: a distressed finish on a tailored cut, feminine detailing on a tough shape, a twist on a classic silhouette.


Leather never lies - so fit, cut, and finish is our hallmark. We experiment with different ways to treat the material and bring in unexpected details. Indeed, we embrace the variable nature of leather because that means each piece is unique and individual…like the women who wear it.