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Remember the first time you wore black? Perhaps you were a ballet dancer, proudly graduating from a cornflower-blue or coral-pink leotard to the grown-up version. Perhaps you were trying out an alternative subculture – goth, punk or grunge – to see if it would be the identity that would see you through your teenage years. Or perhaps you went to your school dance, shy but proud in your first full-length frock and borrowed diamonds. 

Wearing black is a rite of passage, but we never grow out of loving its effortless sophistication and the way it can look as luxe or as low-key, as flirty or as formal as you please. Even if you adore colour – as we do at Muubaa – there are signature black pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe: those magic trousers that make you look svelte even on a bad day; a pair of no-messing-with-me boots; severe suits; and black leather jackets.

That’s not to say they’re all of a piece. Muubaa black leather jackets are as individual as you are, whether you love the practicality of sheepskin, the boldness of a biker jacket, the formality of a blazer, or something girly with laser-cut and draped detailing. Whichever you choose, when you look in the mirror you’ll experience that same thrill of having arrived in the world of women who wear black.