Muubaa X Shanghai Fashion Week

Muubaa on the catwalk at Shanghai Fashion Week April 2016 Read More… Features Palyn Black Leather Shorts, Denman Black Suede Embroidered Kimono, Holmedale Pink Leather Biker Jacket, Sewell Black Suede Embroidered Tank Top, Compton Tawny Suede Perforated Shorts, Mannging Black Leather Biker Jacket and Holland Tan Leather Mini Skirt


Palyn Black Leather Shorts:


Denman Black Suede Embroidered Kimono:

Holmedale Pink Leather Biker Jacket:

Sewell Black Suede Embroidered Tank Top:

Compton Tawny Suede Perforated Shorts:

Mannging Black Leather Biker Jacket:

Holland Tan Leather Mini Skirt:

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