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StyleFruits Friendship Around The World

Muubaa are pleased to announce our involvement in StyleFruits Friendship Around The World event that started on the International Day of Friendship on July 30th, 2014.

Style Fruits are sending an outfit around the world – from blogger to blogger, from friend to friend. Creating a story about the outfit and about fashion, friendship and blogging – beyond national borders.  The outfit consists of a black Muubaa leather jacket  and a white, oversized t-shirt  made of high-quality organic cotton.

Frienbdship Around The World Outfit

Style Fruits aim is for the outfit to reach as many different countries as possible, and to help bloggers create new friendships and strengthen old ones. Ideally the outfit will be back in Munich on July 30th, 2015.

We’re delighted to be involved in this exciting event and are looking forward to reading the various stories of our jacket’s journey and the people who will wear it.

The International Day of Friendship was declared by the UN in 2011 to be the official day for celebrating friendship between people, countries and cultures.  As thanks to any bloggers participating  Style Fruits will host a raffle for the first ten participants to win a €200 travel voucher! Use it to spend some quality time with your bestie, have a short trip together, use it for a shopping spree, or visit friends in far away countries!

For full details visit the StyleFruits Friendship Around The World web page:  CLICK HERE.

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