Leather is for life, not just for Christmas

Muubaa Leather Jackets for ChristmasChoosing a gift for a fashion-conscious woman is a challenge that can strike fear into the heart of even the bravest shopper. When a woman’s style is classic but edgy, when you know that every piece in her wardrobe and her home has been chosen with meticulous care (although it looks effortless), when you want to give a gift she’ll treasure for years but use every season – that’s generally when you abandon the search and resort to a gift voucher. But there are some gifts that will be loved by even the most exacting of women: a beautiful edition of a classic novel, a bottle of her favourite scent, a perfect, simple piece of jewellery. And, of course, luxury leather fashion pieces.

Perhaps more than any other fabric, leather is rich with symbolism and contrasts. It protects the wearer, but at the same time it renders her dangerously attractive. It covers her, but it evokes the idea of soft, bare skin. It keeps her warm, but it’s cool to the touch. It’s luxurious yet durable; practical but indulgent – a gift that says as much about the giver as it does about the lucky recipient. That’s why we we think it makes a perfect Christmas gift.

Far more than a leather purse or handbag, a leather jacket allows the wearer to express her individual style, making it a classic, timeless choice as a gift. For women of any age, with any signature style, there is a perfect leather jacket.

Muubaa Leather Bikers Muubaa Leather Blazers
If she’s a bit of a rock chick, an on-trend tomboy who feels just as much at home at a Kasabian gig as sipping champagne in a luxury hotel, then a leather biker jacket will suit her edgy aesthetic. If her look is all about pared-down elegance and sleek silhouettes, choose a chic leather blazer.
Muubaa Shearling Jackets Muubaa Gift Vouchers
If she loves the outdoors and her look is casually elegant, a shearling jacket or gilet will keep the weather at bay and chime with her style. If you’re still unsure about exactly what she’d prefer then there’s always a Muubaa Gift Voucher.

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