Muubaa Leather Bikers

Leather biker jackets are, as you may have noticed, a favourite of ours.  What we love about this style is the way it has been reinvented by the women who wear it.   Once was the time when only rock chicks and rebels would dare to wear a leather biker.  Anyone with a more feminine sensibility would shy away from the obvious masculine overtones for fear of appearing too “hard”.  Thankfully that has all changed and in the last few years we’ve seen the biker finally come of age and step out from its rebellious past.

Much of the styling of the jackets themselves has moved on to incorporate details like embroidery and laser cutting that contrast with the masculinity of the cut. The silhouette is often altered to be more flattering with cinched waists and exaggerated shoulders and biker jackets are now offered in an array of colours from vivid summer tones to muted autumn shades. Black is no longer your only choice.

We asked some of our favourite blogger friends to show us how they wear their Muubaa biker jackets.
Here are just a few of the many ways you can style today’s leather bikers to achieve looks that are still wild at heart but with a refined edge.

How to wear your Muubaa Biker Jacket

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