August 2012



Leather biker jackets are, as you may have noticed, a favourite of ours.  What we love about this style is the way it has been reinvented by the women who wear it.   Once was the time when only rock chicks and rebels would dare to wear a leather biker.  Anyone with a more feminine sensibility would shy away from the obvious masculine overtones for fear of appearing too “hard”.  Thankfully that has all changed and in the last few years we’ve seen the biker finally come of age and... Read More


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BIKER REDUX – It may not reinvent the wheel but the jacket’s new guise is ready to get the motors running. Featured: Muubaa Nassau Biker Jacket in Dark Turquoise £379


‘Muubaa Leather Appeal’ launched on Wednesday 1 August 2012, in partnership with the international humanitarian organisation British Red Cross to help people in crisis both in the UK and abroad. Having identified that there are over 1,000,000 unwanted/unworn leather jackets hiding in the UK public’s wardrobes, we have made it our aim to get as many of those recycled and resold in British Red Cross charity shops. And what’s more  anyone who sends a jacket will receive £75 off a new Muubaa leather jacket in return. Muubaa chief executive, Stephen... Read More